services Available

Services Available

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* Reception
* Restaurant
* Bar
* Parking outside unattended
* Shuttle Service

The hotel has 30 spacious, comfortable and bright rooms are all equipped with a private bathroom, free Wi - Fi, individually controlled air conditioning, Equipped with the most 'modern technology, mini bar, direct dial telephone, safe. The service breakfast, consisting of a rich buffet ends at 10:00 am. After this time, inside the bar, is available to customers a coffee-station equipped with snacks, hot and cold drinks.

History and tradition

History and tradition

« The character of ancient Rome is all a misunderstanding inevitable [... ] There is uncertainty or ambiguity if we say " history of Paris ," or London or any other city in the world. But if we say "history of Rome," we do not know exactly what story it is : If the city in the strict sense , or even that large part of the surface of the earth's population and that for many centuries was subject to his dominion " < / p>

According to legend, Rome was founded in the mid-eighth century BC it should be to the brothers Romulus and Remus, despite the prevalence of the former over the latter . The official date , April 21, 753 BC, Varro was established by calculating backwards periods of reign of King Capitoline (35 years or so for each re [2] ) . Other sources actually report different dates: Quinto Ennio in his Annales puts the foundation in 875 BC, the greek historian Timaeus Tauromenio in 814 BC ( at the same time , therefore, the foundation of Carthage ) , Fabius Pictor year 748 BC Food and Lucio Cincio in 729 BC [3] The date of Varro - traditionally celebrated that - is considered to be too high ( in relation to the first unification of settlements , most likely took place in the mid-eighth century ) it's too late (the first settlements date the second millennium BC ) ....